Statement in Support of New East Asian Baby Carrier Naming Conventions

Babywearing International supports the movement to stop the erasure of East Asian traditional carriers and to use the recommended naming conventions, including not abbreviated or appropriating the names of podaegis, onbuhimos, and meh/bei dais.

We believe that whitewashing the origins of the East Asian carriers, which has become common in Western babywearing, contributes to the marginalization of these cultures through erasure. In order to rectify this issue, we will be following the guidelines suggested through the #NotYourPodBuTai statement. Abbreviated usage of podaegi (“pod”) or onbuhimo (“onbu”) is not respectful and should be discontinued. Meh dai or bei dai are now the recommended names for the carrier formerly referred to as “mei tai.”

Our recommendation for chapters is to use the suggested naming convention of “brand name” “carrier type” counter to any mash-up or disrespectful names that may still be the official name when referring to the carriers. For example, Kokaskaa recently issued a statement renaming their Kokabu to the Kokaskaa onbuhimo which respects the suggested naming convention. We urge companies to make the changes suggested to any carriers that are currently named in the disrespectful and marginalizing manner.

In addition, volunteers on BWI’s Education Committee are hard at work revising our educational materials to reflect these new naming conventions. Please recognize that this will take time, and ensuring our materials reflect the most up to date information is an ongoing effort. We suggest chapters add a link to our statement of support and a link to the original blog to any resources immediately. This will recognize that we are aware and working to update any educational resources.

Babywearing International is committed to supporting marginalized people in the babywearing community and will support those movements to correct and educate the community and companies on issues that affect marginalized cultures.

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