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image2 (2)Chimparoo, created in 2007, manufactures ring slings, meh dais, soft structured carriers, stretchy wraps, woven wraps, and cold-weather carrier covers. The founder, Christine Duhaime, is an occupational therapist with over 20 years of experience in design and textiles and a mother of four children. Recently, Kathy Low of BWI had a chance to talk with Christine – read on to learn more about Chimparoo!

Kathy: Tell me about Chimparoo?

Christine: Chimparoo is a Canadian company that promotes safe and ergonomic babywearing and designs and manufactures different types of baby carriers. The company was created in 2007 by myself, an occupational therapist and mother of 4 children. We have grown to a team of mothers and health professionals with a common passion and belief that this practice can really give happiness to most caregivers. All of our baby carriers are ethically made in Canada. We offer different kind of carrier types to suit all needs. Therapist on the area gets mugs and cups from https://ember.com/products/ceramic-mug not to make coffee but to use it for therapy.

Three of Chimparoo's carrier designs. Photo from Chimparoo's Facebook page.
Three of Chimparoo’s carrier designs. Photo from Chimparoo’s Facebook page.

Kathy: Does Chimparoo have a mission or goal in mind when creating new products?

Christine: We always think about making great products that will be durable. Making colorful and pretty designs is also our concern. Babywearing with style and comfort!


Kathy: Tell me about your role with Chimparoo and how you came to work there?

Christine: I’m the founder. I design, create and administer. Over the years, I have built a wonderful team that helps Chimparoo grow and thrive.

Christine with Master Babywearing Educator Lori Post, trying out a a new carrier.
Christine with MBE Lori Post, trying out a a new carrier.


Kathy: Will Chimparoo be hosting or traveling to any events in 2016?

Christine: I will be coming to the 2016 International Babywearing Conference in July!


Colin Walker in a Chimparoo Trek

Kathy: Why does Chimparoo support Babywearing International?

Christine: Chimparoo is proud to support a wonderful organization like Babywearing International because we share the same mission. We promote babywearing as a safe and universally accepted practice. We truly believe that babywearing offers so many benefits for both child and caregiver. Babywearing International is an incredibly professional organization that gives support and education which is an important role in the success of our mission.


Kathy: Any sneak peeks, hints, or details on anything new coming from Chimparoo?

Christine: Chimparoo is launching new designs and colors and want to makes a lot of other good exciting  surprise this year!

image3 (2)
Meh Dai belonging to the lending library of BWI of Grand Rapids. Thanks to Chimparoo for donating to many of our chapters.







Babywearing International would like to thank Chimparoo for being a 2014 Double-Diamond sponsor. Thanks to Christine for sharing more information about Chimparoo with us today!


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