Babywearing in the Cold Weather

‘Tis the season for hot chocolate, sugar plum fairies and another round of cold weather baby wearing tips and tricks.

One question we see from wearers frequently this time of year has to do with baby wearing coats: what is available, where can they be purchased and how do they work?

If you live in a region that gets cold enough and you wear your children often, a dedicated coat to use while baby wearing may be a very sound investment. There are many commercial options available on the market at various price points as well as DIY options for the crafty crowd. When shopping for a baby wearing coat keep in mind your own needs: how cold does the weather get where you live; do you wear outside for long durations such as hiking or do you typically only need a coat to wear between the car and the grocery store entrance; will you be wearing two children or one and will you wear on the front or the back or both? Whatever your needs are, there is a solution out there for you!

Some very popular commercial options that are currently available include the Lenny Lamb pull over fleece sweater, which runs about $67 from most retailers, and can be worn for a front or back carry. For colder weather Lenny Lamb also offers a parka which has a bigger price tag at $230 but includes two zip in panels for front, back or tandem wearing or it can be worn as a regular coat.

Another option for the serious winter babywearer is the Deluxe Kindercoat which boasts the ability to be worn in front, back and hip carries with use of removable zip panels and carries a price tag of $200 from U.S. retailers. Kinder also offers a jacket at $150 and $100 price point as well as a fleece jacket for $80.

Boba makes a lightweight hoodie for front or back carrying for $80.

For the budget conscious, your regular winter coat can be transformed into a baby wearing coat with commercial or DIY zip in panels. Simply zip or button to the front of your regular coat and you’re ready to wear. Or you can simply wear a coat one or two sizes larger than your normal size to accommodate your little wearee.

Many of our local chapters have also rounded up a good selection of suggestions for winter wearing, including commercial and DIY options for wearing under or over your own coat.

BWI of Manhattan, Kansas developed this Winter Wearing Workshop featuring safety tips for cold weather wearing along with suggestions for baby wearing coats that can be purchased and links for DIY options:


BWI of Wichita Kansas offers these tips on dressing for winter wearing along with DIY and commercial coat options:


Beltway Babywearers  wrote blogpost on Winter Babywearing including a video that discusses how to dress baby, poppable carries and how to put on a babywearing coat:


Another good blog post from Beltway Babywearers with tips specifically for Newborn Winter Wearing:


BWI of Cleveland offers some advice on winter babywearing without a babywearing coat and includes tips on how to dress yourself and baby for comfortable wearing in cold weather:


Here is another blog post from the Cleveland chapter on how to use a Kindercoat with a hand 10 step infographic:


You likely have been advised that footie jammies are a no-no for babywearing because baby’s toes can get uncomfortably scrunched up and trigger the step reflex. The ever resourceful Cleveland chapter yet again offers this clever tutorial to modify footie pajamas that won’t squish your baby’s toes and will keep them warm for winter wearing:


BWI of Greater Boston shares their tips along with a list of suggest commercial and DIY coats and vests for baby wearing in winter:


BWI of Greater Burlington offers some excellent advice for wearing in cold climates and a very extensive list with links of DIY and commercial baby wearing coats and vests:


And with that I will leave you with the following helpful infographics on safe dressing for wearing in cold weather. Happy holidays and happy baby wearing!





-by: Laura Vitanova

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