General Positioning

This video by Meredith of BWI of New Haven includes an in depth discussion of safe newborn positioning. It includes upright and cradle carry positioning, discussion of chin off of chest positioning, how high to position the baby, how to position baby’s head, and how to reposition after nursing.

Getting Baby on Your Back

This video by Rachel of BWI of Southern Maryland shows how to do a superman toss variation with an older baby who is able to sit unsupported.
This video by Babywearing Faith, Faith Rayland of BWI of Central New York, shows how to do a superman toss to get a baby on your back.
This video by Michelle of BWI of Atlanta demonstrates a santa toss without a carrier, so that caregivers can practice without the stress of a carrier.
This video by Michelle of BWI of Atlanta shows how to do a hip scoot without the carrier.

Using a K’tan

This video by Sarah of BWI of SE PA shows how to position baby safely in a K’Tan and discusses newborn babywearing safety and ideal newborn positioning.

Babywearing Glossary

Glossary – This fantastic glossary from the Babywearing 102 Group includes photos of babywearing terms, including photos of wrap passes and explanations of pros and cons of each type of pass. It also includes photos of chest belts and a table of wrap carries by size.

*The Babywearing International (BWI) nonprofit organization does not exist anymore, but these educational resources have been preserved. See Background page for more information.