Babywearing International believes in sharing high quality babywearing resources with all babywearing educators, around the world.

Print Resources

All these resources are print ready, and can be downloaded and printed by lending libraries,  educators, babywearing groups, personal use, etc. We have updated our licenses for these resources to use the Creative Commons By-ND license, so anyone may use our resources as long as they are not modified and Babywearing International, Inc is credited. Share this link online, or printed cards in person, and spread the babywearing love!

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ABCs of Babywearing Safety

Ideal Positioning Reference Graphics

Perinatal Mood or Anxiety Disorders Infographics

Winter Babywearing

Woven Wraps Sizing Guide

Best Baby Carrier


Our Simply Wonderful brochure provides basic information about each of the five most popular carrier types, as well as a very brief overview of some of the benefits. The other, Close Enough to Kiss, speaks about the benefits of babywearing and the role of Babywearing International. Our Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders brochure talks about the benefits of babywearing in coping with anxiety and mood disorders.

Video Resources

Videos for Teaching the Teacher.  An amazing group of our volunteer educators have produced teaching tips on a variety of babywearing subjects, from how to instruct others on doing specific carries to strategies for managing large meetings. They are all available on our Vimeo channel.

International Babywearing Conference 2014. We also have a number of videos from the 2014 International Babywearing Conference, including Babywearing for Children with Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorders, The Pedagogy of Babywearing, and the conference keynote speech, Head Wrapping and Babywearing: Using Afrocentric Traditions to Build Health Equity by Sherry L. Payne. You may find our IBC videos here.

Babywearing Research

Babywearing and Postpartum Mental Illness: A Resource for Educators was created by Christie J.E. Chapman, LCSW and ABE for BWI of Southwestern CT. Her document explains the basics of PPMI, the empirical data discussing ways in which babywearing can help, and signs for educators to watch for and ways to help.

Some of our older research-related documents, including archived issues of the (no longer published) BWI newsletter “Carrying On”, are also available on the Research page.

*The Babywearing International (BWI) nonprofit organization does not exist anymore, but these educational resources have been preserved. See Background page for more information.